what accessories do you start with?

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what accessories do you start with?

Some of the best times of my life have been spent in a vehicle or working on one. As the father of three teenage boys, I have passed down my love of vehicles and have worked on rebuilding and customizing all sorts of vehicles over the years. It has taken me a lot of trial and error to figure out what accessories look right on what types of cars. I have found that some accessories are purely for looks, while others will boost the performance of the vehicle. So, when you are on a budget, what accessories do you start with?

What to Consider When Choosing a Truck Topper

The great thing about a truck topper is that it is one of the most versatile additions available to a truck. You will be able to use your truck topper to store all sorts of things. However, you'll want to know what options are available before you choose your next truck topper. 

Extra Space

Find out how much extra space the truck topper will provide you with. Some truck toppers can provide you with enough space to walk inside the bed area to grab the tools that you need. If you do not need to stand, you will not necessarily need a taller truck topper. 

Additional Storage

If you need additional storage, you may be able to install a rack on the truck topper so you can haul larger items or items that simply will not fit. However, these items will not benefit from not being exposed to the weather.

The Installation Process

Truck toppers are usually easy to install. Therefore, they are often used so that trucks can be used in the place of SUVs or vans. Easy installation will allow you to enjoy a fun DIY project and you'll also save money.

Ease of Use

If you want to be able to access your tools very easily, select a truck topper that comes with side windows. Also, a sliding cargo tray from the rear door makes accessing the back much more convenient.

Security Concerns

If you are worried about your truck topper being broken into, you will want a stronger and sturdier commercial truck topper. These toppers will come with heavy-duty locks so you don't have to worry about your belongings being stolen. 


If you will be using your truck for camping, consider getting the lined camper shell. It will keep you warm and will insulate from the outside so it's quieter. There are additional extras that can come with a camping topper for a higher price. 

Truck Topper Repairs

When your truck topper becomes damaged, you will be able to save money if you choose a type that is easy to repair, such as a fiberglass truck topper. Therefore, you will not have to purchase another one. However, if your main focus is on saving money in the short term, an aluminum truck topper will be less expensive and will therefore be less expensive to replace if you cannot fix it.

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