what accessories do you start with?

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what accessories do you start with?

Some of the best times of my life have been spent in a vehicle or working on one. As the father of three teenage boys, I have passed down my love of vehicles and have worked on rebuilding and customizing all sorts of vehicles over the years. It has taken me a lot of trial and error to figure out what accessories look right on what types of cars. I have found that some accessories are purely for looks, while others will boost the performance of the vehicle. So, when you are on a budget, what accessories do you start with?

Planning to Purchase a New Truck? 2 Options You Should Choose

If you are planning to purchase a new truck, you want to ensure it will work great for you. In order to do this, you have many options to choose from when ordering your new truck. Below are two of these options so you can decide if they would be right for you.

Aluminum Flat Bed

Steel flat beds are common with trucks, but you also have the option of choosing an aluminum flat bed, which can offer you many benefits. For example, aluminum is resistant to corrosion without having to put any type of coating on it. Even if you have your truck for years, the aluminum flat bed will stay in great condition.

Steel flat beds are stronger than aluminum beds. For this reason, aluminum has to be made thicker than steel. Even though this is true, aluminum is still much lighter when compared to steel. The difference in weight can be hundreds of pounds, and a lower weight can increase your truck's payload.

Because aluminum is resistant to corrosion, this makes the flat bed lower in maintenance. The only maintenance you will have to do is to lubricate moving parts of the flat bed. Aluminum is also flexible which means it will retain its shape much longer when compared to steel. Because this type of flat bed is lighter, you may also have better gas mileage.

Engine and Axle Ratio

When purchasing your truck one option you have is to choose the engine size and the axle ratio. Trucks are known for using a lot of gas and in the past most trucks came with V8 engines to provide them with enough power. Today's V6 engines can give you as much power as a V8 and a V6 may offer you better gas mileage.

If you will be using your truck for towing, you should consider a diesel engine. This is because diesel engines have a higher torque which allows them to pull heavy loads.

You also have the option to configure the truck with a range of axle ratios. What you choose will affect the gas mileage for your truck. The higher the axle ratio the heavier load you can tow but it also uses more gas. For this reason, if you are not planning to tow anything you should go with a lower axle ratio.

Talk with the salesperson that has aluminum flatbeds for sale about these options and other options you will have available to you.