what accessories do you start with?

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what accessories do you start with?

Some of the best times of my life have been spent in a vehicle or working on one. As the father of three teenage boys, I have passed down my love of vehicles and have worked on rebuilding and customizing all sorts of vehicles over the years. It has taken me a lot of trial and error to figure out what accessories look right on what types of cars. I have found that some accessories are purely for looks, while others will boost the performance of the vehicle. So, when you are on a budget, what accessories do you start with?

Three Ways To Turn Your Car Into A Billboard For Your Small Business

Taking advantage of free and low-cost advertising is one way to make your small business a success. There are several ways to utilize your car as a moving billboard. This means you can advertise your business during the course of the day as you make business visits or even run personal errands. Read on to discover the best marketing method to use with your car.

Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are made of vinyl and they are placed around the car. This makes it look like the graphics are painted on. This is a semi-permanent option, since you can't remove the wrap each day. The main benefits of wraps are that they are bold and eye-catching. They can also be used to cover a less than optimum paint job, making your car look nicer.

Wraps are one of the most expensive and least versatile options, since you can't easily swap them out when you are ready for a new design. On the plus side, they have a long life so you won't need to worry about replacement once the wrap is installed. Opt for a wrap if you have a dedicated work car or a car that you don't mind using as a billboard every single day.

Car Magnets

Magnets come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. The most basic versions are large squares or rectangles that are attached to the doors, but you can also get long strips for the rear of the vehicle or large rectangles for the hood or trunk.

Magnets are often used like mobile business cards, featuring your logo, business name, and contact details. Their main benefits are that they are inexpensive and easy to install or remove. Opt for custom car magnets when you are on a budget or don't want to make any semi-permanent changes to your vehicle. Magnets are also a great option if you have employees that use their cars at work. They can simply remove the magnet when they get off work for the day.


Stickers are one of the least preferred advertising methods. Although they offer many of the same benefits of magnets, they are difficult to remove without damaging the paint job. They can also begin cracking or peeling, especially in hot, dry climates.

Stickers are acceptable if you need a low-cost option that you don't plan to remove, such as placing your company phone number and name on a bumper or across a tailgate. Generally, magnets provide a better choice for a similar cost.