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Taking A Long-Distance Road Trip In The Winter? Get Prepared For An Accident With These Four Items

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You may think you are ready for a long road trip in the winter, but the cold-weather season brings along new hazards that have to be considered as a driver. There is a much greater potential for an accident to occur in the winter months than in the summer because roadway conditions can be so dangerous. You may be dealing with everything from snow-covered roads and black ice to white out conditions that leave you no visibility. Plus, if you have an accident, it can mean longer wait times for help to arrive. Before you head out on a winter road trip, make sure you are prepared for an automobile accident with these four things in tow. Candles and Matches – If you cannot run your car because it is damaged after an accident, staying warm will no doubt be a top priority. In a small space like the interior of a car or cab of a truck, even just a single candle can offer you some heat. Emergency Blankets – These blankets are sold just about anywhere you can find camping gear or survival supplies and they are not at all expensive. Best of all, they fold away into small pouches or envelopes that are easy to tuck away in your vehicle. Emergency blankets are designed to hold in your body heat in cold temperatures so you can stay warm. It is a good idea to keep one emergency blanket for every passenger you normally travel with in your car. Quick-Boost Cell Charger – You may think that as long as you have the car charger for your cell phone you will be fine in a winter driving emergency after an accident because you can always call for help. However, you have to be prepared for the possibility that your car battery can be non-functional after a wreck, and it is a real possibility in cold weather for whatever battery power you have to drain quickly if you can’t start the motor. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep a spare power booster on hand to charge your cell phone if you have no battery power left in your car battery. Water and Snacks – Staying hydrated and energized is an important thing when you are stranded in cold weather. So make sure you have some water on hand and extra snacks in your winter emergency driving kit. Bottled water, nuts, and even protein bars are all good examples of things you should have tucked away in your trunk before heading out on a winter trip in your vehicle. For more information, talk to a professional like American Transmission...

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Look For These Useful Features When You Shop For A Truck Cap

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Regardless of the size of pickup truck that you own, buying a cap to cover its bed can be a smart investment. The presence of a cap will give you the ability to store your items in the bed without worrying about them being taken, whether it’s several bags of groceries during a day that you’re running errands or your expensive tools if you’re a contractor. When you shop for a truck cap, you’ll see a variety of different models in different colors and designs, but it’s important to always focus on the available features of each model you’re considering. Here are some valuable features that the truck cap you plan to buy should have. Sliding Front Window If the rear window of your pickup truck slides open, it’s ideal to make sure that you buy a truck cap that has a sliding window is the same spot. The presence of this small window will allow you to easily access things that are stored in the front end of the truck bed, rather than have to climb out, open the rear of the cap and tailgate and climb into the bed. This feature isn’t necessary if your truck’s rear window is solid, but you’ll definitely want a cap that has this perk if your window slides. Tinted Windows In addition to the window at the rear of the truck cap, you’ll find many caps that also have a window on each side. It’s imperative that you select a model of cap that has tinted windows. The greater the tint, the better security you’ll have. A heavy tint on these windows — which will often be darker on the sides than the rear — will prevent people with prying eyes from snooping to see what’s in your truck bed, and then possibly attempting to break in. Additionally, the tinting can keep the truck’s contents cool, which is valuable if you’re carrying home groceries in the summer, for example. Dome Light If you’ve ever tried to retrieve something from your truck bed at night in the dark, you’ll know that it can be a challenge. This issue will be a thing of the past, however, if you make sure to buy a truck cap that has a dome light mounted to its interior. When you open the rear of the cap, you’ll be able to simply flick the switch on the light and brighten up the space, allowing you to find what you’re looking for with ease. For more information, contact companies like J & C...

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About The Pros & Cons Of Vertical Car Doors

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Do you want to make a dramatic change to the appearance of your car? You can invest in a door kit that will transform the way that your doors open, as they will be able to lift up vertically instead of swinging out. The article below will go over some of the pros and cons that you should consider about vertical door kits so you can decide if should get one for your vehicle. What are the Pros of Vertical Door Kits? The most beneficial aspect of transforming your doors to opening vertically is that you won’t have to worry about parking in tight parking spaces. For instance, being that the doors do not swing out, you can get out of your car without the fear of hitting the vehicle that is parked next to you. The vertical doors will really come in handy if you park next to someone that didn’t stay inside of the lines and is partially in your space. Vertical doors can also make it easier for someone of a heavy size to get out of the car in in a parking space. Another pro of a vertical door kit is that you will draw a lot of attention when in public. Although vertical door kits are not a new trend, it is not common for people to have them on their vehicles. When you get in and out of your car, people will be intrigued with the way your doors open because it is so unique. You can really make the doors look dramatic if you get a custom paint job and invest in other auto parts for your car as well. For instance, you can get your car painted with glitter, designs and get neon lights installed to complement the vertical doors. Are There Any Cons to Consider About Vertical Door Kits? One of the cons of vertical doors is that you will still have to slightly push them open like regular doors. You will then have to lift the doors up into the vertical position, which means it takes more work to get out of your car than with regular doors. You must also keep in mind that the doors can get damaged if you are not careful about where you park your vehicle. For instance, parking in a garage that has a low ceiling can lead to you accidentally damaging your door. Visit a vertical door kit and bolt on lamb door dealer so you can give your car a new...

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Reasons To Have A Professional Install Your Auto Window Tint

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Tinting the windows in your car can protect its interior and help shade your eyes from the glaring sun. There are many do-it-yourself window-tinting kits available, but you may not be pleased with their outcomes. Here are few reasons to have your vehicle’s windows professionally tinted: Tinting Proficiency Window tint is applied as a thin plastic film. If you have never installed it before, you may not want to practice on your car. If the wind blows in the wrong direction, you may be left with permanent wrinkles or lumpy particles in your tint. A professional will usually install the tint in a controlled environment away from wind and dust, so your final product looks as great as you expected. Better Deal for Your Money According to a report from CostHelper, their readers paid between $125 and $300 to have their car windows tinted. However, the tint for SUVs and pickups was a bit higher. Nevertheless, the cost of professional tinting may save you time and money in the long run. Since a professional application is generally wrinkle-free and applied by an experienced specialist, it is likely to hold up better and look more attractive. Bubbles and poor adhesion that can result from improper application or use of a low-quality product can cause the tint to peel quickly and look unattractive. Be sure to ask the tint specialist about the durability of the product used and the duration of the work’s guarantee. Choosing the Right Tint You may not be familiar with the regulations that govern auto window tint. However, a professional will be. He can let you know just how dark your windows can be without violating laws. Kits are usually sold nationally, so they may or may not be in compliance with your state and local regulations. Get a Guarantee A professional tinting establishment will typically provide some type of guarantee for their services. They may reinstall tint that does not meet your expectations. However, if you install your own tint and it does not turn out as expected, you are stuck with the outcome. In addition, you can’t take it back to the store for a refund once you’ve used it. Having it uninstalled so that a professional tint can be applied can cost you $25 to $200. If you would like to protect the interior of your car from fading and cracking, window tint can be a great option. However, a cheap tint kit may not be a good value. Contact a professional to have your car windows tinted...

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Three Ways To Turn Your Car Into A Billboard For Your Small Business

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Taking advantage of free and low-cost advertising is one way to make your small business a success. There are several ways to utilize your car as a moving billboard. This means you can advertise your business during the course of the day as you make business visits or even run personal errands. Read on to discover the best marketing method to use with your car. Vehicle Wraps Vehicle wraps are made of vinyl and they are placed around the car. This makes it look like the graphics are painted on. This is a semi-permanent option, since you can’t remove the wrap each day. The main benefits of wraps are that they are bold and eye-catching. They can also be used to cover a less than optimum paint job, making your car look nicer. Wraps are one of the most expensive and least versatile options, since you can’t easily swap them out when you are ready for a new design. On the plus side, they have a long life so you won’t need to worry about replacement once the wrap is installed. Opt for a wrap if you have a dedicated work car or a car that you don’t mind using as a billboard every single day. Car Magnets Magnets come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. The most basic versions are large squares or rectangles that are attached to the doors, but you can also get long strips for the rear of the vehicle or large rectangles for the hood or trunk. Magnets are often used like mobile business cards, featuring your logo, business name, and contact details. Their main benefits are that they are inexpensive and easy to install or remove. Opt for custom car magnets when you are on a budget or don’t want to make any semi-permanent changes to your vehicle. Magnets are also a great option if you have employees that use their cars at work. They can simply remove the magnet when they get off work for the day. Stickers Stickers are one of the least preferred advertising methods. Although they offer many of the same benefits of magnets, they are difficult to remove without damaging the paint job. They can also begin cracking or peeling, especially in hot, dry climates. Stickers are acceptable if you need a low-cost option that you don’t plan to remove, such as placing your company phone number and name on a bumper or across a tailgate. Generally, magnets provide a better choice for a similar...

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3 Steps To Consider When Rebuilding Your Vintage Car

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One way for you to teach someone, or yourself, about cars is to purchase a project car. These cars are usually vintage vehicles that need to be re-built in some way. There are several steps you need to take during these types of projects in order to preserve the work you have done on the car an increase the resale value, if selling the finished car is the goal. Here are a few steps you should consider when rebuilding your vintage project car. Rust Inhibitor Spray One of the key points you need to consider is how to prevent rust on the vehicle. There are several steps you can take, but simply spraying the vehicle with a rust inhibitor spray may be enough. These inhibitors help keep things that cause rust, like water, from coming in direct contact with any metal on the car. Think of them as a weatherproofing or water sealant for your car. You can spray this on, which is the most common method, or you can dip the individual components of the car into the solution. You can also do both applications to make sure the entire car is sealed properly. Locate Original Parts If you plan on having the car look like it did originally, then you should ideally be looking for original parts. You can go to junk yards, online auctions, and flea markets to find certain pieces. You may be able to use used part pulling yards as well. If you need several pieces to bring the car back to its original look, consider creating a list. Make sure the list has the original part number, an image of the part if possible, and the manufacturer. This will help with the search if you have to ask for help. Learn Basic Welding One way that you can save some money on your rebuild project is to learn some basic welding techniques and rent the welding equipment. This may cost you a bit, but it will save more money than having someone handle the welding for you that will charge you for parts and labor. You can learn some very basic techniques through online videos or local community courses and trade schools. These techniques will help you with repairing car grills, welding new seats, or fixing broken hinges and latches. These are just three of the steps to consider when rebuilding your vintage car. Remember, if you want to resell the car at the end of the project you may need to hire someone for minor paint and body work to work out dings, dents, and complete a professional looking paint...

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Sit And Drive In Style: Creative Replacement Covers For Your Truck Seats

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Few interior upgrades will have the impact of simply changing the seat covers in your truck. You’ll find a huge variety of materials, designs and functionality in the new seat-cover marketplace, so there truly is something for everyone who drives a truck. New seat covers increase driver comfort, make the truck look more attractive, and show off your unique personality. Here are some of the many choices available: Neoprene seat covers—for the divers and beachcombers of the world, neoprene seats in black with bright neon accents are perfect. They’re comfortable and able to stand up to sand and seawater. Team spirit seat covers—a tailgaters dream, since new seat covers are available in both collegiate and professional team designs. Your truck accessory dealer may even be able to order custom covers for a favorite high school team. Cartoon character seat covers—whimsical designs with beloved cartoon friends can brighten up any dull commute. Suede and leather seat covers—there are many different combinations and grades of suede and leather products in the replacement seat cover market. The opulence of your truck seating is only limited by your budget. Tactical camo seat covers—this kind of seat cover performs double duty. The front covers your seat while the back hangs down and provides storage for outdoor gear. Sheepskin seat covers—the ultimate in comfort for long trips in all sorts of weather. Also nice if you spend a lot of time sitting in the car waiting for school-age kids or shopping spouses. Heated seat covers—perfect where winters are brutal and for truck heaters that take a while to warm the cab. Southwest style seat covers—pleasant designs that remind you of canyons and fine pottery, which makes them an ideal choice for the artsy sort. Saddle blanket designs—for those who love rodeo or trail riding. These handsome saddle blanket designs combine durable fabrics with a Western-style blanket weave. Truck logo seat covers—show your pride in your ride with seat covers that celebrate the make or model of your beloved truck. Super-protective seat covers—if you do messy, dangerous work, you’ll appreciate protective seat covers that shield your truck seats from chemicals, dust, and dirt. There are also seat covers on the market with tropical fabric designs, lacy styling, and high-tech looks. With such an endless supply of new designs, there’s no excuse not to find a set of replacement seat covers that’s just right for you and your truck. Talk to a professional auto accessories business, like The Hitch House, for more information on seat covers and additional accessories for your...

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